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Dino Cavallone
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Dino Cavallone [userpic]

crits/suggestions/flames/sexual favors/sandwiches.

right here.

Dino Cavallone [userpic]

I don't want any green eggs and ham-!!

U-uh, guys-- sorry about one of the hallways! I was going to go up on deck, but this giant centipede was in the way. I guess I kind of panicked, because he's big enough to eat me-- and... ended up tripping. It probably scared him, and he threw up all over the place!

I don't know where he is now, he ran off. But he left this other guy behind, and uh--

Now he won't leave me alone, haha... I already said I didn't want any!

Dino Cavallone [userpic]

I had a little chat with Kyouya about fun yesterday. Can you explain what fun is? I almost couldn't find the words to describe it!

Well, I found the song yesterday, and I just found the video.

Spongebob and Plaketon - Fun - The most amazing home videos are here

It explains it pretty well!

Dino Cavallone [userpic]

I thought they were Maple leaves-!!

... There's ointment at the trading post, right? I kind of got... poison ivy rashes in unpleasant places! The front is especially bad-!!

I-I didn't mean to really type that out either! You didn't need to know that!! Myself won't let me delete it?!

At least I can use the bed sheets when I'm in the cabin? The... creepy cabin. Anyway! Besides all the clothes disappearing... Paintball is a blast! I fell down a cliff the first day and got stuck on the edge until the second... Which was especially cold if you count the wind along with the snow. Thanks for letting me use your earmuffs, Rukia. But I think they look cuter on you then on me!

Its pretty rainy right now, but maybe I'll go out later. Oh, hey! Ladies on my team? I left the extra bed sheets we had near the entrance of the cabin. It's on your right when you open the door, so take one! I don't want to invade your privacy if I'm in here...

How's everyone else doing?

Dino Cavallone [userpic]

Hey, Tsuna! We should go fishing later!

Anyone else want to come along?

Dino Cavallone [userpic]

Well, the boat is pretty spotless now. Cleaned the whole thing all weekend!

But, this ability isn't mine. I'm sure whoever likes to clean is... missing it?
Haha, anyway, my ability is still floating around somewhere. Anyone been good with a whip lately? If I remember correctly, you have pink hair!

Hey, Reborn. Leon was floating around outside. I have him with me right now... I was planning to visit Tsuna, so I'll give him to you then? The little guy is trying to type on my key board, haha!!

Reborn. this leon. leon on way to see reborn master. be okay.

Pretty awesome that you taught him how to do that, huh? Enzio just tried to eat it!

Dino Cavallone [userpic]

I was taking a walk a little while ago on Torcia.

Turns out, I lost the ability to use my whip, but I can shoot smoke out of my arms now!! I remembered that swap that's been going around lately, so... I guess I'm taking it pretty well now! I kind of miss my whip.

It did startle both of us though. Especially her. I got-- thrown off.

[ ooc; dino got smoker's devil fruit ability! ]

Dino Cavallone [userpic]

It's been a while since I used this thing, huh? Been busy with the family. I almost forgot I had one! Actually, I forgot my password... has it been that long?

Romario and the others are already getting to work on finding a ship. Thanks, guys. I'll get everyone pizza later, my treat! In the mean time, we can enjoy the view, haha!

How's everyone doing? I'm Dino Cavallone.
Speaking of that, how's my little bro?

Current Music: walk on water or drown - mayday parade
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